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An arc flash can strike without warning causing damage to equipment and endangering the lives of employees. DeRock Energy Analytics truly understands all aspects of electrical safety. Our combination of experience, quality, and dependability have made us a trusted name in electrical safety and arc flash study. DeRock Energy Analytics will provide you with the tools required to safely operate and maintain your facility in accordance with IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E requirements.

Whether your facility needs to implement a new arc flash risk assessment program or needs to update an existing program – we will ensure your staff is informed and safeguarded to the latest industry codes and standards. Our goal is to protect your people and your assets, reducing downtime and associated costs.

Benefits of Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Identify Safety Measures

Determine arc flash protection safe boundaries & personal protective equipment needs

Increase Employee Safety

Decrease the potential for employee injuries in the workplace.

Prioritize Remediation

Receive an in-depth assessment of your risk factors with solutions for correcting problems

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Services Include:

  • Assess on-site electrical systems equipment
  • Uncover potential correctable issues within the electrical distribution system
  • Determine available short circuit current and interrupting time of each device
  • Calculate the largest incident energy at the specified working distance
  • Recommendations of Reducing Incident Energy.
  • Determine the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) level
  • Document the results and generate Arc Flash labels to be placed on the equipment
  • Help with OSHA & Arc Flash NFPA 70E compliance

What Makes Us Different

Good people, innovative ideas, and experience has made Energy Analytics a trusted name in electrical safety and arc flash study. Our goal is to set an example of safe work habits for all contractors working on a job site. To help meet that goal, over 90% of our field workers have completed the OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety course.

Continuing education and on-the-job training is important to us, and we customize learning to the individual. For those just starting out, DeRock provides a paid apprenticeship through the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors.

We help companies create a safer workplace, change safety behavior, and create programs that endure.